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Ear Acupuncture: A Tool for Recovery > Psychiatry | Yale School of Medicine.


Next Door Chicago

Next Door is a nice little gem tucked away in the borders of Lakeview, and Lincoln Park. It is a thriving cafe that serves up Intelligensia, and a nice selection of noshes to keep the mouth satisfied. College students of all kinds come here to cram, prep, or what not, as well as self employed entrepreneurs, who need a breath of the fresh buzz in here. Conceived of by State Farm, the cafe is thought of as a hub for the community, to bring ideas, innovations, and self help classes for those who are interested. Located near Trader Joes, on Diversey, the space is ample for a multitude of projects and developments. The modular furniture, allows a play for the space to reform according to the needs of the day. 

Just recently, I have been teaching Tai ji chuan on Thursdays in the eve, at 7:30pm. The class is simply an introduction class, focusing on the Yang style 8 form. If anyone is interested in getting their qi flowing and moving in the eve, head out and experience what this great place has to offer.


Should herbs be taken with food?


Eric Brand gives a guide line when to take herbs.