Spring Stream is a translation of the acupuncture point “Tai chuang” located at the top of the webbing of the big toe and second toe on the foot. This point also translated as Great Rushing, it is a stream point on the liver channel meridian. Its significance comes from the fullness of the season of spring gushes froth from stirrings of the earth. It is when the snow melts at the top of the mountain, and pours down the creeks into the streams, then down the rivers, and finally to the sea. It is a step in the small beginnings that of the greater flow. The Liver channel correlates the natural force of spring, so it is very appropriate. It is the renewing energy that comes from the stirrings of the warmth of spring

Edwin Alvarez L.Ac, is a practicing Acupuncturist in Chicago, IL. He practices at 3118 W. Sheffield. in Chicago’s Lakeview.

Please call 773-715-7985 for an Appointment

or visit the site Spring Stream

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