Herbal Podcast

Lately, I’ve been doing an herbal podcast, that puts together a classical chinese viewpoint of how herbs were categorized and used back way back when. I’ve attempted to show how the Ancient Chinese, arranged nature in a Holistic viewpoint. By using the Chinese Zodiac, the Ancient Chinese were able to figure out when were the most profitable times to tend to their agricultural needs.

Huang di nei jing su wen

Lately, I have been going over this classic, trying to build a stronger foundation. I’ve spent the beginning of this year, just simply focusing more on qigong, and tai ji chuan more than anything. However, due to the nature of my education at Pacific College, my practice, has been very much all over the board. Having been exposed to many techniques of acupuncture, from TCM to Meridian, to Trigger point therapy, the basis of the technique and theory still is quite elusive to me. I have found myself very much tied to the simplicity of Five phase, however, though, to see how the evolution of the philosophy fits in with a clinical practice still remains to be seen. There is much contraversy over whether the practical therapeutics of the medicine or the theory of the medicine dominated. So much where, many times one surmounts the other. Getting in touch with the classics would in one way would allay my doubts and help me find roots in a historical development and see where I would find myself in the here and now. There is so much scholastic work, but I do not see myself falling in the route, of translation of original chinese text.