Tiao and Du 调,度

Zhang Yanhua’s book, Transforming Emotions with Chinese Medicine, is a genuine mesh of anthropological, contemporary analytic, and Chinese Scholarship. It examines how Chinese Medicine has change over the past 100 years in modernisation. It examines how in this brief period, compared to the history of the medicine, it has struggled in its legitimacy against western bio-medicine. In comparison, He uses Tiao and Du, as valuable tools for a Practitioner in achieving results.


Tiao, attunement, is a gauge where health is a negotiation between the Practitioner and the Patient. Tiao is the patient’s sense as where his health is an where it is going. For the Practitioner, it is the constant assessment of the patient’s state at any particular time, whether it is measured by pulse, tongue, examination, and relation. The Practitioner does his best to understand from where the patient is coming from, and this leads us to Du- position or degree. Du, tells us everything about the patient, whether, his circumstances are created or caused by environmental, accidental, emotional, or other particulars. It is the intensity and the severity of the said illness, or discomfort. The Practitioner, does his best to ameliorate, abate, or strengthen from the position that as most efficacious. Clinically different methods could be used, but most importantly is the one of connection. Though, the Practitioner is not a therapist or psycho-analyst, He/She must do what is necessary to relate and extract the most salient information from the patient so as to create the best situation for healing. This is a very insightful book, since it give a glimpse into what Chinese Medicine can be at these crossroads in time

Transforming Emotion with Chinese Medicine.


Herbal Podcast

Lately, I’ve been doing an herbal podcast, that puts together a classical chinese viewpoint of how herbs were categorized and used back way back when. I’ve attempted to show how the Ancient Chinese, arranged nature in a Holistic viewpoint. By using the Chinese Zodiac, the Ancient Chinese were able to figure out when were the most profitable times to tend to their agricultural needs.

The forgotten blog

I am surprised that this thing is still here. I has been quite some time since I have last touched base and explored where in my mind I find myself in my medicine.

There have been many a dabbling this year, some discoveries, and different toolings. I have successfully finished the Cannonical Chinese Medicine Diplomate, but feel I have a lot to learn from the applications of the classics in a modern setting. The variety of ailments that I have been able to treat have been quite variable but nothing out of the norm. Managing a woman’s cycle, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, seem to be that regular type of ailments, that I find myself prescribing Chinese Herbs. I haven’t seen anything too crazy from which some of my colleagues have recieved. Not that I haven’t treated cancer before, but it seems like I am getting what I should be getting. I should just hone my skills in those particular ailments until I can get a sufficient amount of data to actually say something about them. It seems at this moment, I am plateaued as an herbalist.
(rubs his hands together until some unusual case comes in the door)

I have been exploring Tung’s points and the I Ching in Acupuncture. Even though I have a grasp of what it is capable of doing, the mere esoterism of it, leads me to just do it on myself, friends, and adventurous patients. I seen some of the empirical uses of the more publicized point protocol from differnent CEU courses and books, but the theory and understanding behind them evades me. The strange thing about it I am not in a hurry to unravel the mystery. I have been pretty successful in treating the things that I do with my current methods. I just hope my weekly practice of the I Ching will draw me closer to that understanding which to me right now is rather unfathomable.

My small shop has been taking care of itself so far but I am now ready to bump it up a notch. I am not sure yet how to take it to the next level. I am rather tired of the variety of marketing schemes that come to my door and promise everything but result in nothing. Every internet scheme has yet to bring in the homerun, or a stable continuity of clientele. I may just kill my marketing budget and hire a business coach of a sort.

Thats it for now, until the spirit deems me.